Friday, August 31, 2007

Giant Pyramid Found in Bosnia-Pyramid of the Sun Video

A Giant Pyramid was discovered in Bosnia in 2005 and is now being excavated. It is the first pyramid to be found in Europe and also the largest in the world! It sits in a Valley with four to six possible others. A network of tunnels was found beneath the valley. It appears that the entire valley was paved.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Mystery of the Ancient Crystal Skulls-photos

A crystal skull is a model of a human skull made out of clear quartz crystal. A modern legend claims that there are 13 crystal skulls worldwide, of which five have actually been found, which have mystical powers and are of ancient origin. Such claims remain unproven. New skulls carved from crystal are made and sold regularly.
People who believe in the psychic power of crystal skulls say that the skulls are a center of radiant psychic energy and have the power to increase happiness and improve people's lives just by being held, handled and spoken with; others have suggested that crystal skulls can be used like crystal balls, to aid divination.
The healing and supernatural powers of crystal skulls have never been scientifically established. The scientific community at large has found no evidence of any unusual phenomena associated with the skulls nor any reason for further investigation.
The supposed supernatural powers of the skulls have been the cornerstone of the Star Protist cult. Their founder and leader Jacob Jachowicz claims to be able to read the skulls and harness their powers.

Believers say:
The crystal skulls are transmitters and receivers of energy. They also transform energy. Wisdom is indicated by the crystal being carved in the shape of the human skull. The carvers of these mystical, magical artifacts are inspired by the crystal that they are carving and with inspiration comes personality for the crystal. Some carvers say that they are being guided by the Divine into carving the crystal.

Metaphysically, the symbol of the skull represents the Higher Mind. The skull also symbolizes change, which is truly the great healer of all situations, conditions. Without change in our lives, we do not spiritually grow. In many cultures around the world the skull is seen as the House of the Soul and revered because of it's tremendous importance to us as humans. Working with the crystal skulls is a multi-dimensional journey of discovery, enlightenment and growth that can be an excellent catalyst for healing, dream work, meditation, past-life recall, spiritualism, and self-improvement/empowerment on many levels.

The crystal skulls make their way to their caretakers seemingly with the help of the network grid of crystal skull connections that is growing by day. If you resonate with the crystal skulls and are a caretaker, a crystal skull will find it's way to you. They are here in the name of universal light, love and peace. The crystal skulls create sources of information in a consciousness of truth to what is really happening on Earth. They offer assistance via the channels they open to the Universal Divine. This is a Divine way of assisting us indirectly since they will not directly interfere with our transitions because of our free will.

One thing is for sure, they remain an interesting mystery

Hirst's diamond skull sells for $122 million

August 31, 2007 08:03am
A DIAMOND-encrusted platinum skull by artist Damien Hirst has been sold to an investment group for the asking price of $122 million, a spokeswoman for Hirst's London gallery White Cube has said.
The skull, cast from a 35-year-old 18th century European man but retaining the original teeth, is coated with 8601 diamonds, including a large pink diamond worth more than $9.87 million in the centre of its forehead.
The artist's manager said the skull, adorned with 1106 carats of diamonds, would be paid for in cash. The gallery spokeswoman said she could give no more details of the buyer.
"Damien Hirst has retained a participation in the work - he still owns a share of it - in order that he can oversee a global tour of the work that is currently being planned," she said.
"The investment group anticipates selling it within the next few years," she was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.
She said Hirst would also sell his stake at that time.
The skull caused a sensation when it first went on display at an exhibition of new works by Hirst at the White Cube in central London on June 3 - not least because of its price tag.
Some critics dismissed it as tasteless while others saw it as a reflection of celebrity-obsessed culture.
After the sale, Hirst said: "I hope it makes the people who see it feel good, that it's uplifting, that it takes your breath away.
"It works much better than I imagined. I was slightly worried that we'd end up with an Ali G," Britain's Press Association quoted him as saying.
Works by Hirst, who first made his name displaying diced and pickled animals, became the most expensive at auction for a living artist when his "Lullaby Spring" pill cabinet sold at Sotheby's in London for $23.7 million.
The skull is the most expensive piece to date by Hirst, already a millionaire several times over.
The sale of the skull brings to $429 million the value of works sold from the June exhibition.
Generally the gallery takes 30 per cent and Hirst 70 per cent of the proceeds.
As an indication of the wealth he has amassed since being spotted in 1991 by art collector Charles Saatchi, Hirst, who financed the skull himself, said he couldn't remember whether it had cost $25 million or $35 million to make.
He bought the skull from a taxidermy shop in Islington, north London.
He said from the outset he wanted the work, titled "For the Love of God" and inspired by similarly bejeweled Aztec skulls, to be on public view.
He rejected suggestions that his works were more a standing joke against the art establishment than real works of art.
But when asked at the time of the exhibition what his next project would be he immediately replied: "Two diamond skeletons shagging - no just kidding".

Coin clue to shipwreck legend?

A COIN found in a snake-infested swamp could help prove a century-old theory that a Spanish or Portuguese ship was wrecked on Australia’s east coast years before Captain James Cook’s famed voyage of discovery. The find, made by an expedition led by self-funded Brisbane historian Greg Jeffreys, is the first piece of dated evidence among a number of artefacts found in Eighteen Mile Swamp on Queensland’s North Stradbroke Island. An independent UK expert from Cambridge University has been able to confirm the coin as being dated 1597 for from what he could see in this picture. “If it were the genuine object it does suggest a late 17th century wreck,” the expert from the Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum told “It’s pre-Captain Cook by a long way.” (MORE) Mr Jefferys, who is himself waiting to have the piece verified in Europe, hopes the coin will lead him to the wreck first rumoured to be there from witness accounts in the 1890s. “It’s the first thing that we can date 100 per cent,” he said. “This has the date stamped on it so it has to be a 17th century wreck.”
Legend of the Stradbroke GalleonTales include Aborigines in the 1920s finding gold coins in the area with locals claiming to have seen the wreck throughout the years. There has also been speculation Captain Cook used secret Spanish or Portuguese maps to navigate before he made landfall in Australia in 1770. “All the evidence points to either a Portuguese or Spanish ship,” Mr Jeffreys said. “It’s not likely to be a galleon - all the eye-witness accounts put it at 30m long so it’s probably a caravel or carrack which were used for exploration.”
The findMr Jeffreys said his team was resting on a sand spit after slowly hacking their way through 3m razor grass when a colleague stumbled on the piece. “He was scratching in the sand and his machete turned up this coin,” Mr Jeffreys said. “It’s one of those fluke things – it’s amazing.” Mr Jeffreys, an archaeology graduate and historian, has looking for a wreck to support the theories for more than 20 years. The quest has not been without its disappointments. In 2002, he thought he’d found muzzles and barrels of cannons from a 16th-century Portuguese or Spanish galleon only to concede days later in the national press that the pieces were actually lifeboat supports from a 19th-century ship. More recently he has discovered a brass button, a sailor’s blade and a fishing weight in the dense swamp.
WWII military mapThe group had gone to the location after a tip-off from the son of a RAAF pilot whose father had flown over the area many times during World War II. The pilot - Cyril Broome - claimed to have seen the shipwreck in the swamp between 1938 and 1942 while flying training missions and calculated the location on a military map using area landmarks. Another map published by Shell in the 1920s includes an entry for “Wreck of Spanish Galleon” in about the same location.

Diner swallows spoon-see the X-Ray

December 31, 2006 12:00am
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SOME people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth - but this patient literally got one lodged in her gullet.

The 26-year-old Sydney woman accidentally swallowed a teaspoon during a laughing fit while eating spaghetti.

She is understood to have gagged reflexively, but by then it was too late.

Doctors were astonished by what they saw when she arrived at Canterbury Hospital.

An X-ray and camera gastroscope revealed the 15cm implement stuck in her throat at the top of her stomach.

Numerous doctors examined the images and offered advice on how to remove the spoon – with most recommending surgery.

But Dr Bernard Beldholm, an advanced trainee in general surgery, and Dr Alice Lee, a gastroenterologist, wanted to spare her the trauma of an invasive operation.

They eventually managed to remove it manually – albeit "with great difficulty".

The woman, who can't be named because of patient confidentiality, was placed under general anaesthetic.

In a delicate procedure which took 90 minutes, they eased it out of her throat and mouth.

Dr Beldholm and Dr Lee tried several different tactics before successfully using snares to lasso either end of the spoon and pull it upright so it lined up with her esophagus.

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