Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lifeguard saves shark

A lifeguard saved a shark from a mob of panicking swimmers off a beach on New York's Coney Island.
Marius Mironescu grabbed the 2ft sand shark in his arms and swam out to sea with it, reports the New York Daily News.
"There must have been 75 to 100 people circled around the shark in the water and they were bugging out," said Mr Mironescu, 39, of Brooklyn.
"They were holding on to it and some people were actually hitting him, smacking his face. Well, I wasn't going to let them hurt the poor thing."
He carried the shark - a baby and harmless to humans - to a less populated area and started backstroking out to sea, dragging the shark with one hand.
"He was making believe like he's dead, then he wiggled his whole body and tried to bite me. He didn't get it," added Mr Mironescu.

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Anonymous said...

As a NYC animal lover displaced to Hawaii, home of many a big shark, I love this story, and think that lifeguard is quite the hero!