Thursday, September 6, 2007

The two-year-old little mermaid who is swimming into the Guinness Book of Records

On dry land she's still taking her baby steps, just like any child of her age. But in the water Leah Robbins leaves the other two-year-olds in her wake.
The toddler is now able to swim 50 metres unaided - thought to be a British record for her age.
Her mother, Kay Masters, 26, is hoping that her daughter's achievement will be recognised by the Guinness Book of Records.
"Leah just loves being in the water. I have never pushed her in any way or tried to make her do anything she is not happy with," said Miss Masters, an assistant swimming instructor.
Leah has already gained her five-metre, ten-metre and 25-metre Amateur Swimming Association certificates, and now the 50-metre award, last month at a pool near her home in Gorleston, near Great Yarmouth, in Norfolk.

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